How to buy Ripple (XRP)

Today I will be examining Ripple. Ripple is one of the more controversial cryptocurrencies out there right now. It started out as a Paypal style online payment service and pivoted into becoming a digital currency. It’s marketed as the banker’s cryptocurrency and is basically a digital fiat, that is centralized and completely controlled by the … Read more

How to identify a scam ICO

With so many scams, charlatans, and con artists in cryptocurrency, it often feels daunting for newcomers to the space to differentiate between the legitimate and scam projects. So today I am going to go over some of the warning signs to look out for so you can avoid getting taken advantage of by a thief. … Read more

The Beginners Guide to Payfair

Have you ever been ripped off trying to buy something online? If you’re buying through an online store or auction market, it’s probably pretty safe. Secure sites with SSL encryption have taken a lot of the dangers to consumers out of the equation, and most people now feel confident purchasing online. But what about when … Read more