How to protect yourself from Cryptojacking

What is cryptojacking? Cryptojacking is the illicit mining of cryptocurrency via malware, on someone else’s hardware. Cryptojacking happens when a hacker secretly installs some cryptocurrency mining software like Coinhive, on to your computer or website without your knowledge, giving the hacker free electricity and processing power to mine coins without your knowledge. This can cause … Read more

10 Largest ICO Scams

ICOs have been the most controversial thing to hit the finance world¬†since Bitcoin. Love them or hate them, ICOs are here to stay. They have been the hottest topic in the cryptocurrency, hedge fund, and venture capital worlds, blurring the line between the¬†formalized structure of the traditional startup fundraising process via IPOs and anarcho-capitalist crowdfunding … Read more

Drupalgeddon2: Cryptojacking Epidemic on Vulnerable Drupal Sites

So far over 400 infected sites have been discovered to have been infected with Monero (XMR) mining malware. The sites have all been Drupal sites which have not been kept updated to the latest version, that suffer from the Drupalgeddon2 RCE flaws. How can I protect myself? It is strongly urged that you immediately update … Read more

Biggest Cryptocurrency Hacks Ever

In the last article, we took a look at some famous Bitcoin hacks and thefts. Today we will be examining hacks and thefts of other cryptocurrencies, excluding Bitcoin. Without further delay, let’s get into the list. Cryptocurrency Hacks & Heists #1 The DAO Hack Amount in Ether: 3.6 million ETH Ethereum’s DAO, (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) … Read more

Biggest Bitcoin Hacks Ever

Bitcoin is the world’s reserve cryptocurrency and is like digital cash or gold. It is a bearer instrument which is highly liquid and pseudonymous. These qualities highly incentivize dishonest people to steal bitcoin. They know that there is little that the victim can do, and if they the thief take the proper precautions, they can … Read more