Best Portfolio Trackers for Cryptocurrency Traders

If you’ve ever traded cryptocurrencies, you know how fast the market moves, and how any sort of announcement, tweet, press release, or hack can drastically swing the price in the other direction. You’re also probably aware of how fast the cryptocurrency market is growing with 1624 tradeable tokens listed on Coinmarketcap as of this writing.

With all these tokens and the 24/7 price action, it’s super important to be able to keep track of your holdings as hodler, and especially as a trader. I personally have used several portfolio tracking apps to keep track of my trading.

I have always shied away from apps that use an API with your trading accounts on exchanges, for personal security preferences, although not everybody shares my view on this. This isn’t to say I won’t use the app, just that I am very skeptical about connecting my trading accounts with any 3rd party API that could provide an attack vector to steal my coins, and will not connect it to mine. Today I want to take a look at the top portfolio tracking apps for cryptocurrency traders and highlight the best ones.

Portfolio trackers for traders

1. CoinTracking

  • Coin tracking is the most comprehensive cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
  • It allows you to track profit/loss, coin value & balances, and realized and unrealized gains
  • Keeps track of exchange fees, and trades
  • Support for 40 exchanges and allows for auto import via API
  • Keeps track of tax declaration and capital gains
  • Support for over 5,000 cryptocurrencies

CoinTracking is the Rolls-Royce of cryptocurrency portfolio trackers. It has a simple to use interface with the most well thought out feature set for crypto traders. The platform can help you keep track of all your coins, all your trades, all your tax liabilities, profits/losses, capital gains and almost everything else you could want to keep track of. The platform also features charts with historic and current pricing as well as top coins by volume and trades, and also forecasts.

This platform works not only for small retail traders but has enough features for institutional traders as well. CoinTracking is head and shoulders above the rest of the cryptocurrency tracking portfolio apps out there. It just has a lot of really useful features that the others don’t have.


  • Altpocket supports all coins on Bittrex, Coinbase, and Poloniex
  • You can connect Altpocket to your exchange accounts via API to keep track of your trades as they take place
  • Altpocket keeps track of your realized and unrealized profits
  • Altpocket has a social media style facet of the user experience that allows you to follow and be followed by other traders, and post content
  • Altpocket has a simple, clean and intuitive design that is easy to use

Altpocket is one of my favorite cryptocurrency portfolio trackers. I think it’s one of the best trackers, as it’s feature rich, and if you want to track every single trade as it happens, you have the option to do that with the API on Bittrex, Coinbase, and Poloniex. They also have API connections for Nicehash and Ethermine mining pools to keep track of your mined assets, and ICO investments as well.

I also really like the social media aspect of Altpocket, which has a familiar interface with a feed of recent posts. You can add others, and they can also follow you. If they choose to share, you can even see their portfolio and recent trades. It’s the social community of Altpocket that truly sets it apart in my mind.

3. CryptoCompare

  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Support for hundreds of coins
  • Option to make multiple portfolios
  • Option to make portfolios public or private
  • CryptoCompare has a ton of reviews, a forum, and great community

CryptoCompare is a good, easy to use, straightforward portfolio tracker. It isn’t very fancy like CoinTracking and Altpocket, it doesn’t have a whole bunch of extra features. It’s just a portfolio tracker. That being said, it is a well-rounded one. CryptoCompare is also a good resource for crypto traders, they offer lots of reviews on all aspects of cryptocurrency, mining, trading, and the forum is a great place to discuss cryptocurrencies with other traders. It’s a great community that’s accommodating to beginners. CryptoCompare is a decent portfolio tracker.

4. Blockfolio

  • The most well-known cryptocurrency portfolio tracker
  • A solid portfolio tracker, with a simple and intuitive interface
  • Has a deduct from balance feature which adjusts your balance when you make a trade
  • Supports over 800 cryptocurrencies
  • Mobile only

Blockfolio is the first portfolio tracking app I used when I first started trading. It’s a solid app, and it has legions of loyal users to attest to that. Blockfolio is the most popular portfolio tracking app out there, although it’s not the most advanced, or does it have the most features. Blockfolio thrives on being easy to use and available on both Android and Apple.

Blockfolio is also extremely addictive for most users since it’s on your phone. This means you’ll find yourself sneaking a peak more often than you originally intended. It’s the convenience of being able to monitor trades and your portfolio from your pocket that has made the platform so popular.

5. Delta

  • Support for over 2000 coins
  • IOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Awesome interface, easy to use, intuitive, straightforward
  • One of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers
  • API for auto import of trade info
  • Keeps track of exchange fees

I have never personally used Delta, although it is a favorite of redditors, /biz and many traders. The users give it rave reviews highlighting how easy it is to use. The main thing they say is that Delta is just a portfolio tracker, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles some of the other apps have, however it executes flawlessly. It does what it does really well. Delta started out mobile only but there are now apps to sync it with your computer via scannable QR code. Delta also allows you to link up to your exchange account via the API in order to track trades as they happen. Delta also allows for ICO support, it lets you add unknown coins. Delta also combines multiple trades of the same coin into one displayed balance, rather than a new one for each trade. You can also sync the app across devices.

Final assessment

There are a lot of portfolio tracking apps in the market for crypto traders. Some are definitely better than others in that they are easier to use, or to input data, or the number of things they help you keep track of. It is largely a matter of preference on what you need from your app, and how demanding you are. CoinTracking is ideal for a professional trader that really needs a comprehensive platform to help them calculate slippage, profits/losses, and taxes. Other traders may not need to utilize these features. Either way, no matter what your needs are, there is a solid portfolio tracking app out there for you, to help you streamline your trading.

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